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590 €


Getting the best out of your Business English.


We live in a time of globalization. And the language of that globalization is English. Business English has become one of the most important tools of the modern business world. No company today can function without a knowledge of Business English – whether to communicate with English speaking partners, to develop business strategies or models written in English, to understand new business tools on the Internet or simply to speak clearly and effortlessly in English on the telephone or at a video conference.


This seminar has nothing to do with the dry classroom experience of a language school – this is a fresh, fun way of learning Business English through theatre games and dynamic learning techniques that mould the participants into an interactive team learning Business English together.

The native speaker combines his work in theatre and television with his earlier experience as a qualified English teacher in Africa. He is a published writer and has also worked with many companies on public speaking techniques.

Each seminar is a package, tailored to your company's particular needs, based on the four essential elements: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading, with the aim of clear, confident COMMUNICATION. 

The seminar combines modern theatre techniques with those of the language lab. Participants learn as a group and, through role playing games, speech and articulation exercises, intensive writing and reading activities, help each other to succeed - together!

All areas of Business English are covered, including:

- Pronunciation and projection of spoken English for meetings and presentations

- Telephone conversation and Texting skills in English

- Writing and reading business material in English from emails to complex charts and graphs.

- Brainstorming in English, working as a group in English to create a concept.

- Reading, understanding and summarizing marketing strategies in English.


The flexibility of this seminar means that it can be as equally adapted to beginners as well as to advanced speakers. So, if it's just a 'Business English Update' or an entire 'Business English Programme' you need, this seminar will tailor itself to you and your company's needs - in a dynamic and stimulating workshop.

We are going to have a lot of fun!