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SPC Training- english
850 €

Introduction SPC training
For an effective SPC implementation training is mandatory. There is often a big difference between theoretical SPC and the practical implementation. Every SPC training plan should be  specific per company but there are some common aspects for a companywide training:

  • The SPC training plan should be in line with the implementation plan
  • The SPC methodology, tools and responsibilities used should be clear
  • The SPC training should be practical, techniques trained should be applied on the job quickly after the training
  • All organizational levels must be trained

Ideally training is given in a mixture of classroom training, computer based training and on the job training. The combination makes the training effective, less expensive and makes it possible to continuously train new employees. Preferably people are trained by their managers or by internal trainers.
External consultants can be effective for training the trainers, consulting the management regarding the implementation plan or train small numbers of new employees.
DataLyzer International has extensive experience in SPC training and offers an open training SPC.

Course objectives
During a 2 day training course students will learn the different SPC techniques, will learn how SPC should be organized and will learn the pitfalls of a SPC implementation. They will get practical experience applying SPC using the SPC simulation.

Who Should Attend
Quality Managers, Engineers, SPC facilitators, Supplier Quality Engineers, Six Sigma black belts and those interested in auditing SPC.

Course outline
Day 1:

  • Introduction to SPC
  • Principles of variation
  • Definition of control
  • Organization of SPC
  • Control loop
  • Improvement loop
  • Planning loop
  • Statistics
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Relation between process and subgroups
  • Process control variables
  • Control charts
  • Calculating control limits

Day 2:

  • Process capability
  • Capability indices (Cp, Cpk, Ppk)
  • Attribute control charts
  • Type of charts
  • Control charts for high quality processes
  • SPC simulation
  • SPC game
  • Managing SPC implementation
  • Implementation plan
  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • SPC manual
  • In house SPC training
  • Reporting
  • Evaluation

Training material
All students will get a manual with all training material. Part of the training will be working with process simulations using SPC Wizard. Students will get the tutorial. To get an idea about the power of training with simulations please look atwww.statisticalprocesscontrol.com or check information about SPC Wizard on this website